1. super-mario-rpg:


    the nintendo ds came out 10 years ago


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  3. leonardodicrapio:

    Great Moments In American History: Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill congratulate each other for swimming with a topless brunette woman in Miami in February of 2013 while hiding their own shapeless bodies under modest t-shirts

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  4. thejaegercometh:


    Charlie Day doppelganger: NBA player Josh McRoberts

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  5. fuckyeahbehindthescenes:

    Robin Williams’s last line in the film, “Son of a bitch. He stole my line,” was ad-libbed.

    Good Will Hunting (1997)


  6. vvhaleshark:

    he’s schwimming

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  9. laughhard:

    Some kid at my high school sent out the snap chat of the year.

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